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Dragon Ball Z Virtual Reality Headset

Despite being the focus of dozens of video games, Dragon Ball has remained quite far from virtual reality. That’s about to change.

A Japanese toy company is releasing a VR kit that lets you fire off a virtual Kamehameha with Goku and friends. It’s called BotsNew Characters VR Dragon Ball Z.

BotsNew Characters VR Dragon Ball Z

Whether you’re a fan of the ultra-popular anime series Dragon Ball Z or just plain curious about virtual reality, this new headset from Megahouse is your chance to check out both. It’s called BotsNew Characters VR Dragon Ball Z and it will allow you to cheer on your friends as well as deliver a Kamehameha using motion controls.

The VR headset is similar to a Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR and works with your smartphone to deliver an immersive experience. It’s also covered in the Capsule Corporation logo and is sure to turn heads at any party.

The game lets you choose an avatar and cheer for other players by pumping your fist, delivering applause, and raising a glow stick. You can even blast a Kamehameha, the show’s signature fist energy attack, to knock your friends into sweet oblivion. Other contents include “Ultimate Scouter AR (Tentative)” that automatically measures your fighting power based on your face and “Kamehame Wave Experience VR” that allows you to shoot Kaamehame waves in the real world seen through your smartphone’s camera.

The Game

As a game, Dragon Ball Z VR is surprisingly good. It shifts the gameplay from the stylized but mostly button-mash heavy play of recent Dragon Ball games into a formula more akin to the Capcom and SNK titles of the 1990s, with throws, juggles, dashes, and other super moves all on the menu. There are even brief powers into Super Saiyan and Kaio-Ken forms that can be activated in combat.

The game’s story mode, which initially plays through the Frieza arc, is a bit more of a disappointment. Much of the action is truncated, and some of the drama and investment of the original series is lost.

It’s still a fun way to relive the story, though, and especially cool to watch Goku power up for his Kamehameha during the fight. The whole scene lingered a little but when it ended with Goku’s Spirit Bomb blasting away Freeza, the experience was pretty jaw-dropping. The scale of the attack made it seem like Goku was literally crushing the world, and the effect in VR was amazing.

The Headset

If you’re a fan of the Dragon Ball franchise, chances are you spent part of your childhood dreaming about launching an energy ball or two — either with ki blasts or with that iconic Kamehameha. Now, thanks to modern virtual reality technology, those fantasies can come true — sort of.

Japanese toy maker Mega House is releasing a branded VR headset called Capsule Corporation. It holds a smartphone and works with the Dragon Ball Z VR experience app. The set also includes hand sensors and a special VR mat.

While this is a fun and cool development, it will probably be hard to recreate the full DBZ experience in a virtual world — especially when it comes to speeding around battlefields. There are still plenty of questions about how exactly this will work. Hopefully, organizers of the event will release more details soon.

The App

Organizers of the upcoming Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour are planning a VR experience where attendees can control Gohan during the Cell saga. They’ve posted two images of the game on Twitter, with the caption “Only at Battle Hour! Become Gohan & put an end to Cell’s evil ambition!”

Dragon Ball Z VR is an open-world action-adventure that uses a first-person perspective and features characters from the main storyline, including Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Future Trunks, and more. It has an overwhelmingly positive 84% rating on Steam, and a DLC package that adds unique perspectives to events from the series, like Goku’s father Bardock’s story.

The original Dragon Ball Z was a 2D fighting game developed by American developer Arc System Works for the Sega System 32 arcade platform in 1994. It featured a curated roster of 18 fighters, and combat that was heavily focused on combo attacks with a rechargeable energy meter for the Kamehameha attack.

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